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We have to admit, we're confused by this one!

We have to admit, we're confused by this one! It is true that this website has been up for a long time. Recently the domain has slipped into an insecure status by not having an SSL. It is highly unusual for a reputable organization to risk potential security issues. The site claim is they are the oldest press organization in the country, however the website has only been online since 2003. Even with some older organizations, there is an online presence going back to the mid or late 90's.

This alone doesn't take away from the authenticity of the website but we urge people to visit the site knowing there could be potential security or privacy risks when entering information without the site having a valid SSL.

Another puzzling thing we found when using the site member search feature is how few members there seems to be. 

For the security reasons stated above, we will not provide a link to the website but a Google search would give you a result or link.

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